Our Vision

Extreme Operational Efficiency Expanding 3D Printing

3D Printing has the potential to become mainstream and revolutionize many industries, the problem has been technology and costs.    As technological advances rapidly make 3D parts meet application demands, the key challenge now is operational.    We seek to meet this challenge and drive the operational efficiency cost curve to benefit our customers.   Much the same way as that improved technology and costs made electronics pervasive in our lives, we aim to do the same for 3D printing.   

Customer Promise

Fast parts delivered at amazing prices.


3D Cloud Hub is the production heart of our business.   Leveraging the latest in 3D technology, cloud infrastructure and a hyper efficient hub location we aim to accelerate 3D printing use.   Started by people who did this same thing in the electronics industry, our team is dedicated to lean principle to give customers the fastest quality parts at the best prices.


Upload your STL file for an easy quote and estimated delivery and then start spreading the 3D world.


Online service is available 24/7 to resolve your needs.   Additionally you can email your questions to sales@3dchub.com